Many Filipinos had gathered and joined on the day of the funeral of the late Cory Aquino. There were lots of yellow confetti almost everywhere in Metro Manila including some of the provincial cities.

Although I was one of the Marcos supporters during the time of candidacy of Aquino and Marcos I felt sadness when I have heard the news about the death of Cory.

I believe that during her time in public office as the chief executive she was not corrupt. I am not blaming her why the Philippine economy tremendously went down and even worse than the Marcos regime. The inflation rate became even higher and higher but not because of her.One of the reasons is simply because of her appointed supporters to become her cabinet members and those political allies who were really doing monkey business during her time. When I was young or I can say younger, I did not understand and I thought all of the sufferings of the Filipino people was only because of her. I have realized that the betterment of the country does not depend on the president alone. Not only one leader can change the nation. Even ordinary individuals can make the difference. Everyone should think about the nation and the countryman. We may not be given a chance to become the chief executive, senator, governor, cabinet secretaries, etc but we can lead our community and we can teach our children and become as a good example.