There are lots of criticisms under the Arroyo administration. Political oppositions are one of the reasons why it rise up negative impact to our economy.

Is it rightful to blame the present highest official in the country? Every time the president makes decision it draws blames if it went wrong.

In the headlines today you will see and hear the news about the big expenses of the chief executive. There is a rumor that allegedly the president had travel expenses that reached for more than billion of pesos. To calculate it is more than USD 21,276,595 based on USD1 to PHP47.

Now, another rumor is that our honorable president of the republic had made not just one dinner that costs about USD20,000. According to the reports one of th treats made for president has been sponsored by one legislative official (congressman). Believe it or not it is about 8.5 years of fine meals for one big family in the Philippines.

I have not heard real good news about the nation. Imagine, the criticism about the expenditures is still hot but now the government wants to go for a shopping of presidential jet that would cost about another billion of pesos (PHP1.2Billion). Although they have a point that the president needs to replace the old "Air Force One of the Philippines" but they should cool off for a while. Some of the oppositions were saying that this is just a propaganda that if this has been allowed, the president will still be using it after the 2010 election. In other words, there are speculations that the president is still planning to extend "her excellency" for another 6 years.

I am not here to write about criticisms. I just want to share what is the latest things about the Philippines. Good or bad I would like to make some comments and my point of views. In fairness to the president she made good things as well such as the continuation of the MRT in Metro Manila that will benefit more than 10 million Filipino residents. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac project has been accomplished and now the public could enjoy the shorter travel within Pampanga, Zambales, and Tarlac via on this expressway.