Truly the best gift that we had received from our parents aside from their love is education. It is more precious than any material things that we have. Through education we have developed our skills and better judgment that direct us to what we are right now. This is why I remember the greatness of our national hero known by many as Jose Rizal. By remembering his good example it is again gives justice to the saying that pen is mightier than sword.

Every Filipino knows his contribution that resulted to solidarity of the Filipinos against the tyranny of the colonists. It was so sad that independence had been achieved only after his death, he was 35. Today, he is being remembered by commemorating his execution every 30th of December. His death led to unity of Filipinos in fighting for independence.

José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda or Jose Rizal in short was a polyglot conversant that at least knew 10 languages.

The following were the languages spoken by Rizal:

1. Spanish

2. French

3. Latin

4. Greek

5. German

6. Portuguese

7. Italian

8. English

9. Dutch

10. Japanese

11. Arabic (translation)

12. Swedish (translation)

13. Russian (translation)

14. Chinese(translation)

15. Greek (translation)

16. Hebrew (translation)

17. Sanskrit (translation)

18. Tagalog (translation of Schiller poetry)

19. Malay (some knowledge)

20. Chavacano (some knowledge)

21. Cebuano (some knowledge)

22. Ilocano (some knowledge)

23. Subanun (some knowledge)

After 300 years of slavery the Filipinos had been awaken and Jose Rizal became one of the keys in achieving freedom. He wrote books and within his books he set some examples about the cruelty of Spanish that time. Some of his famous books were Noli Me Tangere ( Social Cancer) and El Filibusterismo (The Filibustering or the Reign of Greed). His books were originally written in Spanish and followed by El Filibusterismo which is considered a sequel to the first book. He is the prominent advocate for reforms in the country during Spanish colonial era.

Rizal was calm even until he was about to be executed in Bagumbayan (known as Rizal Park today). There was a rumor that he wanted to face the Filipino native firing squad backed by Spanish troops but he was instructed by Spanish to turn his back as sign of betrayal. His famous last words were those of Jesus Christ, “consummatum est” – it is finished.

This is the picture taken in Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore. I had worked in Singapore for 1 1/2 years and I promised before I return to Philippines to visit this. This was visited by me a day before my flight going back to my beloved country. Thank you Rizal for your contribution to our country.

He will always be remembered. When I was in Singapore I have managed to visit a tribute to Rizal in Cavenagh Bridge. During my stay in Malaysia, I have spoken to some Malaysians and I was surprised that they knew our national hero. Filipinos are mostly Malay by race and they (Malaysians) should be proud of him as well.

For more about Jose Rizal in full details you can check out Wikipedia.