Inmate’s Thriller Version

Of course everyone knows the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Inspired by Michael’s great moves, dancing inmate’s version of Thriller has been uploaded on 17th July 2007. In this year, the convicts of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CDRC) located in Central Philippines had started the regular inmate exercise with Jackson’s music. They never thought that it could become a big hit and accumulates millions of downloads from Youtube. When Michael had watched this video he was shocked and amazed about it. This is an extraordinary video where the performers are the convicted rapists, murderers, and robbers. The late King of Pop himself was really overwhelmed and flattered with this.

They Don’t care About Us

Travis Payne was the choreographer of Michael Jackson, celebrities, international performers like Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and many more known personalities. They had arranged the rehearsal which had started 18th January this year in Cebu penitentiary and has released as part of Michael Jackson’s This is IT album on 26th of the same month.
Here is the video below:

Nobody Popularized By Wonder Girls

Below is the video performed by the dancing inmates. The song nobody has become popular in Philippines. In parties, birthday celebrations and many more events when it comes to music or in dancing this song is very well known even with 5-year old kids.

Filipinos in general still have rooms for fun despite of challenges and trials we have here. This is one of the reasons why I love this country. I had been in many places and got opportunities to work in foreign places and what I could say that sometimes happiness cannot be equated with money. Living here in Philippines is so simple, cost of living is low, putting up a business here will not require you to spend too much. The most important is about the people here who are very warm, friendly, and can make you smile or have some fun for a while even in difficult times.