Influenza A(H1N1) Virus has claimed the life of 28 people in the Philippines so far according to the health official under Department of Health. After more than 40 years the new pandemic which had been originated in Brazil had claimed many lives globally. Since this disease is known as air borne the best thing to do in preventing this is by proper hygiene and sanitation. Always keep a healthy lifestyle and do not go to public places as much as possible to avoid transmission of the virus.

In Philippines, although we have over 100 million in population the spread of A (H1N1) is just minimal compare to other countries if you will base on the ratio with respect to its population. Most Filipinos (Pinoys) were not really alarmed since there were confirmed reports that mostly infected individuals had recovered from the so called dreaded disease. Perhaps it really helps in keeping good hygiene for most of the locals in the country. Since the environment temperature here in the Philippines can be considered hot, the Pinoys used to take a bath 1-2 times a day. Another factor that could probably keep the virus from spreading is the geographical location of Philippines unlike other countries that have lost many lives and lots of infected victims still under medication.

Any crises that Philippines may encounter even in terms of diseases, calamities, economic meltdown most of locals are not really affected. As for many Filipinos in times of difficulties or maybe in the event of bad economic situation they can still survive and live simple life. Provinces in Philippines are great in terms of fresh air, not really so crowded, can live simple life with very low cost of living. Unlike other countries if they lose jobs and unable to find good income they might end up in very bad mental and financial stress that could lead into suicide which I have heard some reports in other countries allegedly like in Singapore, and Japan.

In my next article I will write about the good life in Philippines! I will tell why there are lots of foreigners who enjoyed and chose to live here permanently.