Mar Roxas has confirmed that he will not run for the 2010 presidential election. I salute Senator Roxas for his courage to unite his political party by not running for the highest position in the country. He chose to junk his personal ambition and gave way to Senator Noynoy Aquino.

Most Filipinos knew that he is the grandson of the former first president of the Independent Republic Manuel Roxas. By letting go his ambition I might consider Mar Roxas in the future if he will run for the presidential post. It is a huge sacrifice for him since it might be the end of his peak of career but I have seen him with good will.He has great confidence and I knew that someday he will run for the highest position in the nation. Politics can never be out of the bloodstream of Mar since his name carries the name of his grandfather. Even those children in the elementary education knew Manuel Roxas as one of the political icons in the country. It is like a brand name that can never be run out of customers.

It was a funny thing that it reminds me with his political ad which can be remembered by a man and child who was saying, "Ikaw lang ang nakinig sa amin" (You are the only one who listened to us) and "Hindi niya tayo pababayaan" (He will not take us for granted) respectively.Let us find out next if by letting go his ambition the question now is can Noynoy will win the election in 2010 even if he will get full support from Mar Roxas? Is Noynoy is really worth dying for?

Let us find out. To all my countrymen wherever you are, please vote intelligently. Do not just vote because of popularity. We need to check the track records and those what they had have supported during their terms as senator, congressman, or any other previous post in the government. Vote wisely and the most important thing to do is pray for the Philippines!