The country is now in official holiday to give respect to the Muslim brothers as they ended the Ramadan period. Many Filipino-Muslims all over the nation have been successfully accomplished the yearly obligation not just in the Southern Philippines but as well in the central and northern part of the country.

Way back ten years ago, Metro Manila had only less Filipino-Muslim population but nowadays even in the Philippine's capital we can see many of them here. What I am very proud of is regardless of religion we respect one another unlike many years back. As a Christian-dominant country not just in the South-East Asia but the entire Asia we still give respect to what our Muslim brothers being practiced.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my full respect to our Muslim brothers and as well their great contributions for the betterment of the country especially for the economy and stability of our beloved motherland. I salute them because I have noticed that there are lots of Filipino-Muslim businessmen which they really help the economy of the country to grow.

September 21, 1972, exactly 37 years ago when the late former president Ferdinand Marcos had declared Martial Law as the power vested in our constitution that time that the president of the nation has the right to declare Martial Law when times of political and government destabilization made by anti-government organizations and the like.Ferdinand Marcos was strict and he allowed the nation under military rule. Lots of anti-government personalities, and other ordinary individuals had been captured and allegedly put to death without a trace of existence. Curfew was being implemented and it was not allowed to have gatherings or meetings.

Martial Law under Marcos should be acknowledged because it was the only way to save the government from the oppositions that used violence. I feel bad that the new generations are being taught in Philippine History subject that Ferdinand Marcos decision and Marcos himself was a bad leader. I respect and honor the former president for all his achievements during his time.

Today, September 21, 2009 is nation's holiday not because in commemoration of martial law but to give honor to the end of Ramadan. It is just coincidence that the end of Ramadan falls on this day.

An armed forces full honor departure ceremony for Philippine President Ferdinard E. Marcos takes place with Secretary of State, George Shultz, in attendence.-- Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons :