Over the news you probably hear about the condition  of Filipinos staying in Metro Manila especially those cities and municipalities of Markina, Cainta, Muntinlupa, Taytay, Manila, and Caloocan. One of the most devastated cities is Marikina. 

After the typhoon below are the images.

The Provident Villages in Marikina City where have been reported all over the news that these villages are the most devastated area in Marikina. The people here after the typhoon are so busy. The commuters have chosen to walk going to their homes and leave the stuck public transportations.
After the hard rainfall made by the typhoon and the subsiding areas like in Concepcion Marikina City, the people around the areas were on jitter finding for foods for their families. I have seen long queues in the drugstore and food stalls buying some medicines for their loved ones.


Provident Villages entrance where lots of residents here have been drowned to death. The estimated fatalities after 4 days of rescue mission have reached to 200 and still counting.

This is the road going to Provident Villages. The ambulance at the left and behind is the ABS-CBN News outside broadcasting (OB) van.

The maroon car is full of dirt because of the sudden flood that reached over 15 feet. The Philippines camaraderie is now again being tested during and after the typhoon. In this picture the volunteers are giving relief goods for a long queue.
Lots of donations in kind and in cash are being given thru the NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council) and non-governmental organizations that help those families affected with the calamity.

OB Van of ABS-CBN Network News for TV Patrol program also in Provident Village.

This is not an old car but it looks like a 1970’s model because of the flood with mud that penetrated inside of this car.

This is a boxed-type damaged vehicle that caused by the typhoon.

Another damaged vehicle.

  Another view of the red vehicle.

This is a riverside. You can see the post here with some dirt attached to it and the two (2) ladies here. Imagine how deep was the flood in the river?
The government is now planning on how to solve the problem in Metro Manila so that in the future this will not happen again. It is now the right time to set and execute the Disaster Risk Management Plan (DRMP) for Metro Manila. 

Filipinos are helping each other regardless of social status in life. Poor, rich, celebrities and ordinary citizens are both affected with the typhoon.   Despite of devastation made by natural calamity the life must go on. I myself had been affected by the said typhoon, I have lost some of my valuables but I am still thankful that this tragedy has brought the attention of the individuals and especially the Philippine government for the plans to be executed that would be considered as solution to this problem. I believe in few years time there will be a permanent solution to ensure the safety of the Filipinos living in Metro Manila. We are still lucky that it has not claimed many lives as expected.

The climate change and global warming can be considered as factors that contributed to a very high flood aside from hard rainfall made by typhoon Ondoy ( Ketsana, international name)
I am not looking at the negative impact made by the calamity, the Philippines is still blessed despite of the tragedy because this will serve as a wake-up call for the Filipinos to be prepared in the future calamities.

-- Reported by, a resident in Concepcion, Marikina City