The good thing after the typhoon is the new life! The Filipinos are back into business and it seems nothing happened after the devastation of the typhoon Ondoy. Despite of calamities the people are used to it and can still wear a smile.

I love this country, despite of of many negatives heard about Philippines the Filipinos in general have only one common wealth--the happiness that cannot be bought by money.

I had an opportunity to work in a well-developed foreign country but despite of big salary and incentives that I earned I decided to come back to where I born and raised. The true happiness cannot be just money only. I was surprised that when my former non-Filipino colleague asked me why Filipinos in general are so happy. Actually I cannot explain why we live a happy life despite of many calamities and low salaried compared to other countries. In my mind I could say that we are born to stand and face challenges in life! Living in Philippines has many challenges and very exciting! Even the worst global crisis it is easy to live in Philippines especially in provinces!

I come back here in Philippines with small business of my own. It is a good start for a new endeavor. In other countries you need more bucks to put up a business unlike here, after just more than a year of saving while I was working as an engineer in a foreign land I now manage my own business. The cost of living is very low here and getting your own employees is not a problem. The good thing about this country is that the people here can speak and understand English so if you are a foreigner or new in Philippines and you are not happy with your life despite of your countless wealth why not give a try to invest, and stay here for the rest of your life?

Previously I was an engineer but now I am in a food business, I have started my food cart business and main commodity distribution just recently. Now, I am happy despite of the calamity that hit us.

As what I have said, cost of living here is too low, you can survive even if you don’t have money at all in some provinces in the country. Would you believe that you can survive here even if you just have a daily US$ 2 allowance?

Maybe you wonder that there are lots of problems, and other bad news about this country? Those were simply because the media used to report bad news. In some countries they control the media.

One of the provinces where I was born and raised. I love nature, life here is so simple. You don't need money to be happy.

A shot of a simple house in Zambales, one of the provinces in Philippines.

Another house in the province near the national highway.

Rice field in Philippines.

Bangka (Canoe) is one of the fishing boats being used by the small time fishermen. They sell directly to the market. If you live in the province which just nearby the seashore you will enjoy fresh fish for your lunch or dinner!

An entrance going into the beach resort.

My small piggery in our province.

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