It was a morning of Friday, 13th of November at around 9 in the morning when I switched on my television to check out for the latest news. I was surprised that Hillary Clinton has already being interviewed by the known news anchors and journalists in the country. While I am drinking my hot coffee the phone rang, ohh! I almost forgot my appointment on that day. Before I decided to leave for my meeting of course I have to take a shower. I bought some time to listen on the answers of the US Secretary of State from the questions which were mostly raised by the youths. Some of the questions were focused on the US Foreign Policies and its particular relation with Philippines but the most popular was her reply on the question about who will win in the much awaited fight of Manny Pacquiao against the Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto this coming 14th November ( Sunday morning in Philippines). She said Pacquiao will be going to win.

The venue of the interview with Hillary was held at University of Santo Tomas (UST). It is considered to be the one of the oldest universities in Philippines, considered the largest in Manila, and also known as the only Pontifical University in Asia. This historical university is very remarkable for both the Philippines and United States. Way back in World War II during the Japanese invasion it had been used as the concentration camp for civilians, foreigners including Americans, and POWs. In addition, most of the brutal crimes were held here and many American soldiers lost their lives.

Hillary with husband Bill Clinton dancing together on this undated photo. Bill Clinton was a classmate of the present Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service located in Washington, DC.

Clinton departed the country on the same day for the APEC Summit in Singapore.